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Singapore’s capital was hardworking people, good infrastructure, firmly capable and honest government. Our main concern was how to run the livelihood of 20 million Singaporeans. We wondered, if American multinational companies employ our laborers, teach tech engineering and management knowledge, skills, why not let them inside Singapore? ?

What I have come to conclusion with the experience of Asian activity is that good people are required for good governance. No matter how good the government is, people suffer when the ruler or politician is bad. It doesn’t mean that the government should be good. If the leader is good, the society or the country can become good.

In 1985, Singapore’s individual income was 6500 USD, Britain was 8500, but when it arrived in 1995, Singapore’s individual income was 26000 USD while Britain was only 19700. Why and how such a wonderful miracle happened? This is a very useful guidance and motivational book that every entrepreneur, businessman and every leader should read.

Great leader Nelson Mandela from whom politics of sacrifice and loyalty can be learned while heritage of development and prosperity Lee Qwan Yu, Mahathir Mohammad and Deng Syaoping are the principles of developed Singapore, Malaysia and China. Good qualities of nation building can be learned from them. Increase your company with this package book to understand that development and prosperity is possible in the same generation if a leadership desires.

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